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The first SAP Inside Track "HANA Edition" in Mannheim (#sitMANNHEIM) will be on February 19th  2019 in MAFINEX-Technologiezentrum.

Because we in Mannheim are surrounded by two heavyweight SIT's (sitFRA in Frankfurt and sitWDF in Walldorf), we decided to adapt the format slightly. sitMANNHEIM will have a focus on topics around the SAP HANA Platform topics and native HANA development (HANA XS Advanced).  We want to be especially busy on the freely available SAP HANA Express Edition (HXE).

In contrast to the "traditionally" SITs, which are normally whole day conferences, we start smaller with an evening event. But it is planed to have it quarterly on a regular base.

Speakers wanted! You have a "HANA" story that you'd like to share, please let us know or add your proposal in the session section on our SAP Community wiki page.

Further information about the event and registration link can be found on our SAP Community Wiki page. Registration will be open from today noon.

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