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The ASUG BITI Community thanks you for completing the survey. We continue to reach out to our ASUG Members to better understand where ASUG can help and how we are doing in delivery to your educational, networking and SAP influence requirement. In this latest survey we asked for your feedback on 2018 and what we needed to strive for in 2019. This is the first year this SIG has created a survey.

Q: Which tools are you currently using?

I used SAP Analytics Cloud on some of the questions, and the Smart Insights feature appeared automatically after using “Smart Discovery”

In case you can't read the chart, below is the table.

Which tools are you currently using? Responses
SAP BPM (Java) Workflow 4.55%
SAP Cloud Platform Workflow 4.55%
SAP Mobile 13.64%
SAP Cloud Platform 27.27%
Archiving 27.27%
SAP S/4HANA 31.82%
SAPUI5 40.91%
SAP Solution Manager 43.18%
SAP HANA 52.27%
SAP Business Workflow (ABAP ) 52.27%
ABAP 84.09%

Over 84% use ABAP, over 50% use HANA and SAP Workflow. Almost 1/3 is using S/4HANA.

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Q: Rank topics of interest

S/4HANA is the top topic of interest followed by SAPUI5

Here is the score in case you cannot see the chart:

Rank your topics of interest Score
SAP Archiving 5
Test Driven Development 5.82
SAP Workflow 5.97
Agile Development 6
SAP Integration 6.39
HANA 6.74
ABAP 7.08
SAP Cloud Platform 7.18
SAPUI5 7.24
S/4HANA 9.11

Q: What are your company’s plans for the next 6-12 months?

What are your company's plans for the next 6-12 months? Responses
Move HANA to the cloud 16.28%
migrate to S/4HANA 41.86%
No concrete plans at the moment 58.14%

Over half of you have no concrete plans in the next 6-12 months with almost 42% migrating to S/4HANA.

Q: Where do you go to obtain your information?

Where do you go to obtain your information? Responses
Other (please specify) 16.28% 72.09%
SAP Community (, 93.02%

Over 93% go to the SAP Community to obtain information while 72% use Other responses include YouTube and Google

Q: Do you participate in ASUG Influence Councils?

Do you participate in ASUG Influence Councils? Responses
Other (please specify) 4.76%
Yes 21.43%
No 73.81%

Many of you do not participate in Influence Councils. Hopefully more will be started in 2019 as it is a unique ASUG differentiating benefit.

Q: What other topics would be of interest to you for Webcasts and Conferences?

Above is the "word cloud" of the responses, including ABAP and HANA.

Other survey comments:

" Basically how to migrate ABAP and Workflow created in ERP6 to S/4 HANA "

" discussion areas need to more focus to go back to being useful for customers. No one posts and no one answers."

What do you think? We also actively review the surveys after each webcast so please join us in 2019 for our webcasts and give us your feedback.



It's fitting that when I logged on to this morning I found the 02697040d5824f4a9d8fb38b1a40074f One Last Nail from the Hammer.  Jim not only lead this group for several years, he took the time to engage and mentor other volunteers.  It won't be the same with him.
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