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The ASUG BI Community thanks you for completing the survey. We continue to reach out to our ASUG Members to better understand where ASUG can help and how we are doing in delivery to your educational, networking and SAP influence requirement. In this latest survey we asked for your feedback on 2018 and what we needed to strive for in 2019.  This year we received over 40 more responses than last year, which shows interest is growing.

Q: Which tools are you currently using?

This year I used SAP Analytics Cloud on some of the questions, and the Smart Insights feature appeared automatically after using "Smart Discovery"

This year, for the first time, SAP Analysis Office is the most used BI Client. Last year it was Web Intelligence. Both of these topics and more will be featured at the BI+Analytics Conference in March.


SAP's gregory.botticchio provided a great webcast last week, BI: Roadmap: What is the Future of SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence (BI 4.3)?


The other field had non-SAP tools such as Qlik.

Q: Rank topics of interest

This year BW/4HANA was top; last year it was the BI clients. BW/4HANA will be on the agenda at the BI+Analytics Conference in March. We also have several BW/4HANA upcoming webcasts including January 30 BI: SAP BW/4HANA 2.0

"BI" in the Cloud was second. We have several upcoming SAP Analytics Cloud webcasts scheduled for 2019:

January 15 BI: What's New with Application Design in SAP Analytics Cloud

January 17 BI: What's New: Smart Assist Portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud

January 22 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud Roadmap Update for Developer APIs and Integration

January 23 BI: SAP Digital Boardroom and SAC Mobile App - What's New, Best Practices and Roadmap

January 24 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BW and BW/4HANA

Q: What are your company's plans for the next 6-12 months?

Many of you plan to move to SAP Analytics Cloud in the next 6-12 months. Don't forget we have several upcoming webcasts in 2019 Upcoming ASUG Business Intelligence Community Webcasts

Q: Where do you go to obtain your information?

91% of you use the SAP Community and many of you (65%) say you use The word cloud for other was "Google".

Q: What other topics would be of interest to you for Webcasts and Conferences?

Above is a word cloud, with wide ranging answers. It's a free text field, so the text analysis shows this:

Q: Do you participate in ASUG Influence Councils?

The responses on this one show we have some work to do.

The other responses included that individuals want to know the process of joining influence councils. We will cover this and more on January 29th INFL: Mobile BI Influence Council Re-launch

Other survey comments:

"Appreciated these sessions are useful. please also plan for BW/4HANA as well. "

"A lot of companies are taking the decision to replace SAP BW/BI with another ETL/ reporting tools. We want of course they continue with SAP but we need SAP also have an efficient strategic plan"


What do you think?  We also actively review the surveys after each webcast, so please join us in 2019 for our webcasts and give us your feedback.
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