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One of the key objectives of any analytics visualization is to present data and information in a manner to allow statistical inferences.SAP analytics cloud allow design strategies for all information displays, text sentences, tables, diagrams, maps, charts, images amongst many data visualization techniques for the said objective.

Animations in Plots are another popular way to show relationships and trends in a multi variate data analysis.

Use of motion charts or animations to visually tell the data insights or story was arguably made popular, several years ago,  by Hans Rosling  in one of his presentations, [click here to see the youtube video], on change in life expectancy over the years for various nations . It visually showed corelation of life expectancy with nations GDP Income and nations population.  Ever since lots of charting library providers including Google have come up with open source libraries to be used to render animated plots.

SAP Analytics on Cloud also provide possibility for such animated display of business or enterprise data as it has integrated R Visualization as part of its suite of tools for data analysis.

Shared below is image SAP Analytics for Cloud motion animated plot,wherein  data trends show by the moving lines rendering sequentially as per time line upon pressing of play button.

Working demo of chart is available at

In essence, SAP Analytics Cloud platform provides building data visualization widgets using not only out of the box charts but also chart widgets provided by Google, D3  or any other state of the art charting libraries.


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