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SAP Lumira – BI Revolution

SAP Lumira is one of the finest and best data analytics tool. You can do lots of amazing stuffs with your data. However big or complex your data is, you will be able to reform it in excellent reports/charts and analyze it very easily. You will be amazed to know that using a tool is very simple and does not require any technical background. It’s basically designed for managers to analyze the data.

Let’s see power of SAP Lumira:

Dataset used: Workforce Distribution Report.xls

Dataset Analysis: It basically contains data about employee of the company and the related attributes. These columns include employee general information, salary data, performance rating, retirement plant etc. We will try to analyze data based on various parameters. Following are some of the questions that describe which type of data is required. Screenshots are taken from SAP Lumira tool after generating visuals.

Q 1: Find out total salary given to employee by cost centre: It helps to analyze data about which cost centre occur how much cost in terms of salary. SAP Lumira gives excellent representation of data in form of Bar and Pie charts.

Q 2: Find out the salary structure of various departments of company with respect to cost centre:

In the given scenario, we are to analyze three dimensional data to get the required results. The results give top management the fair idea about which occupation incurs how much cost in terms of salary. The data can be excellently represented by SAP Lumira. Below is the screenshot.

Q 3: Find out the salary structure of various departments and ratings given to the respective employees: To visualize this data in nice manner, we will using scatter plot. But first let’s try to visualize data by bar chart.

Q 4: Find annual salary by cost center.  Distribute them by work schedule and appraisal rating level status: To find the result, we have to analyze the data using all four parameters defined, Following is the 3-D representation for the same.

From above examples, it can be seen that SAP Lumira is awesome tool for BI and data Analytics.  It provides immense features for extensive reporting and charts. It is very user friendly tool and easy to use. Particularly for middle and upper management, who wants data in graphical or report format, this tool can be very handy.


  • Access and acquire data without any scripting
  • Combine and transform enterprise and personal data sources in a repeatable, self service way
  • Create beautiful graphics and visualizations to convey and share knowledge
  • Get accurate, real-time answers from any volume of data
  • Deliver faster time to insight in a repeatable, self-service way
  • Maximize business knowledge with big picture insights and granular details
  • Increase self-service data usage without adding to your IT department’s workload
  • Visualize any amount of data in real time

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