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So CHAMADA DE PALESTRANTES - SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2016 was yesterday and typically I've used SAP Lumira to analyze tweets.  I still may do that, but for fun this time I tried Cloud for Analytics.  This part of Cloud for Analytics is "exploration"



From the home page above, I select "Explore Your Data"


I am going to "import a file"


The above is the "data manipulation" view and what is nice is on the right it shows you the top records.  In this case tobias.hofmann2 had the most tweets at 60, followed by karen.rodrigues

Next I select their names (not their twitter screen names) and you can see the names behind the twitter handle

You can see above that the top timezone was Brasilia, followed by "blank" rows and next London.



I was originally expecting Portuguese to be the top language used, but it was English as shown above followed by Portuguese and German.


I select the Data Exploration view and I am prompted for a measure.  I select counts of tweets, and as shown above it is at 379


When I select a Dimension it "auto suggests" a bar chart.



Screen names with the most tweets are shown above.  There is a top 5 in the upper right ellipses


Most people were tweeting from their iPhone, followed closely by Android.


The most retweeted tweet at 7 is this one:

The most favorited tweet at 9 is this one:

If you are interested in learning more, join ASUG on Monday for Effective and Engaging Data Visualization in SAP Cloud for Analytics

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