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I was motivated by this tweet from fred.verheul

Also, gretchen.lindquist mentioned she was having trouble downloading the TechEd sessions to Excel (this has been fixed now).

That gave me the idea to analyze the TechEd sessions.

You can go to and download all sessions yourself in case you want to try this with Lumira (

After opening in Excel you have to re-save it as a .XLSX file.

Now open up Lumira, and you can start analyzing the data

You can see from the above that since TechEd is an SAP conference, it is composed of mostly SAP sessions.  Fortunately ASUG has over 10% customer sessions with some ASUG Influence sessions.

The above shows a filter of the ASUG Influence sessions including Gretchen as a speaker, along with ina.mutschelknaus and manikandan.srinivasan.

My experience with ASUG Influence sessions has been very positive, as it is a productive way to give feedback directly to SAP.

The above pie chart in Lumira shows the ASUG Influence sessions are mostly about Enterprise Analytics.

When analyzing the sessions by track, I found the area chart to be hard to read.  What is telling me?

The tree map easily shows that the Real-time Data Platform track has the most sessions, followed by IT Management, and then Enterprise Analytics with 102 sessions.

The tag cloud proves this of course.

I decided to publish the TechEd data set to BusinessObjects Explorer:

You can see there are 26 2-hour hands-on workshops in Enterprise Analytics, 14 Roadmap sessions, and 58 lecture sessions.

What is nice about BusinessObjects Explorer is that this information is nicely available on SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Old BusinessObjects Explorer Mobile still works:

New BusinessObjects Mobile:

Have you made your TechEd plans yet?

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ASUG will have a TechEd hands-on pre-conference session featuring all the products listed above, including Lumira, and more on Monday, October 21st:

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