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                                                    SAP LUMIRA-HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT

SAP Lumira is one of the modern finest data analytics tools. It can deliver charts/reports in the most creative and interactive way possible for modern managers to interpret small/ large data. Most unique feature that did strike me while working with SAP Lumira is its freedom to users for its usage. As a user I can creatively express myself even with complex data which is otherwise difficult to understand.

Dataset Analysis: - It basically contains Human Development Data of Top 20 Countries according to HDI Rank, Male Population, Labor force participation rate, Mean years of schooling, Income index etc. Below provided is an interactive conversation between me and SAP Lumira while analyzing the data with the generated visuals.

Me: - Hi SAP Lumira! I want to know which countries fare best in terms to labor force participation rate (Female to Male) ratio. Can you help me with the data provided?

SAP Lumira: - Hi Sourabh! Sure. I will use Column Chart to depict the same.

My Viewpoint: - Based on the visual I can see Netherlands and Iceland are the top 2 countries which are best in terms to labor force participation rate (Female to Male) ratio.



Me: - Ok. Now I want to know which countries have the highest urban population according to HDI Rank?

SAP Lumira: - Here it is. I will use Pie with Depth Chart for best visualization.

My Viewpoint: - Looking at the graphic visual I can easily say that Singapore and Hongkong are the top 2 choices.


Me: - Nice Going Lumira. Now I want to know which countries score best when their Health Index and HDI Rank are compared to each other?

SAP Lumira: - See what I have in store for you for this visualization. I have used Heat Map to depict the same.

My Viewpoint: -Heat Map indeed clearly showing here that Japan & Hongkong are the top 2 choices.


Me: - Ok! Now I want to know which country has the highest living prison population in the world?

SAP Lumira: - Ok. I will use Geo Chloropleth Chart to depict the same. Isn’t it great?

My Viewpoint: - I can clearly tell by looking at the visual that United States has the maximum prison population in the world.


Me: - Hmm….Exciting!!!! Now I want to know in which continent (Part) of the world the countries with top HDI Rank exists?

SAP Lumira: - Ok that is a difficult thing to find out. But Guess what nothing is difficult for SAP Lumira. I will use Geo Bubble Chart for the attractive visual representation.

My Viewpoint: - Geo Bubble chart clearly showing Europe and parts of Africa have the Top HDI Rank Countries.


From the above interaction we can see how SAP Lumira can really help modern managers to comprehend and analyze complex data quickly. Most of the companies use excel as a business tool for daily use, now with the help of SAP Lumira it will prove boon to increase the productivity and efficiency of modern business process management.

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