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In this blog, I wanted to analyze significant earthquakes from 2150 BC to present. Data is downloaded from This dataset is important because of including latitude and longtitude information of earthquakes. Latitude and longtitude information will be used on google maps in order to visualize exact geo location of earthquakes. We will start with cleaning data and end with identifying a fault line.

1. Cleaning Data

Since the data is starting from 2150 BC, it is a little bit dirty. After visually discovering data, it can be clearly seen that, a lot of earthquakes doesn’t have magnitude information. Gray squares at below images shows years with no magnitude information. Since there were no measurement technology in the past, this is normal. The strange part is, there is an earthquake in 1580 with a magnitude of 6.2, I wonder how this earthquake has been measured in 1580.

Anyway, I filtered non-empty magnitudes and got all the earthquakes with a magnitude information. It seems that 2007 was not a good year for world.

2. Heatmap Extension

Next step is to visualize these earthquakes on a map. For this purpose, I developed an extension using Google Maps Javascript API.

Most challenging part of developing this extension is loading Google API into Lumira. Since we cannot modify html document directly, we have to insert js into HTML document via render.js file. This can be achieved either via requirejs or appending script into HTML like below. Important point is Google API js file must be edited as well. For this reason, I am using a modified version of script file, instead of URL.

We end up with a heatmap, that shows most dangereous parts of World in terms of earthquakes.

3. To Move or Not To Move to California

Now we can analyse different parts of world in a more detailed fashion. I wanted to drill down into California. Map dynamically resizes and focuses according to selected region. Below picture shows a very nice snapshot of dangerous parts of California. If you are willing to relocate to CA, you have to think about it twice, at least you can select somewhere far from ocean.

It can bee seen that big earthquakes in California are around a line that is paralel to ocean. I thought there may be a fault line around here and guess what, there is really one and named San Adreas Fault.

Image Source:

Lumira has already ESRI integration, however having possibility to create your own map extension using different services makes analyzing data very powerful.

Update: VizPacker and Extension Files

Important Note: Extension requires internet connection in order to load Google Maps.

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