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Following up from Looking at my own water consumption with SAP Lumira & SAP Predictive Analytics this time I tried using SAP Lumira Desktop first.  I copied my electricity usage and average daily usage from my online bill and copied that to Lumira.  SAP Lumira has a predictive features but you need a time hierarchy and have to use a line chart.  Your other option is to use SAP Predictive Analytics.

Here's the sample raw data:

I bring that into SAP Lumira, create a time hierarchy on meter reading date, and then a line chart.

The gear then shows the options to forecast with SAP Predictive or Linear Regression.

I go with the SAP Predictive Analytics option,, to forecast 6 months out (how will my electric bill look at Christmas time, when the property tax bill is due?)

So you can see from the above my electricity is high in the winter (I have electric heat). I've looked at less inexpensive options for heat in the winter but they are not available in my area.  In the summer, my electricity is low, as I don't like having the air conditioner on (this while we're undergoing a heat advisory today)

The forecast for December looks similar to December 2014, so on the surface the forecast looks pretty accurate.

The forecast for average daily usage for December 2015 is similar December 2014.  This has allowed me to take a closer look at electricity, one of my most expensive bills.

It's not enough (in my opinion) to enter the Data Genius contest, but maybe this will give you some ideas.


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