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We have to wonder at the limits of SAP Dashboards, when many of the award-winning dashboards are rolled out, but, ultimately it is the Developer rather than the tool which gives it Life.

Just have a look at this simple scenery that we witness every day, brought to life as a model for futuristic BI i.e., Analytics without numbers / tables / charts.

Some screenshots from the Dashboard,

Please find attached the .txt file and rename it to .swf, when you run it you can see that the entire signal works on a single Play control, and several alerts for the traffic lights. Enjoy the Birdseye view and if you want to play God use the Pause button!

This entire dashboard is based on a static source data; if there were to be server based the following changes can be made:

1.      We can view the simulated traffic that has gone through for several weeks, and also forecast the way any seasonal changes might affect the traffic

2.      If the Government plans to add an extra lane, data can be modeled to predict the impact that may occur on the traffic on the lanes.

3.      We can simulate several environments in the same lane to optimize the apt traffic signal lines such that all the Commuters have optimum wait time.


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