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Please join us for these upcoming webcasts:

June 25: BI: New Augmented Analytics Uses Cases

July 16 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning Roadmap Update

July 24 BI: Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics

July 30 BI: SAP Crystal Reports Formula Best Practices

September 3 BI: Discover SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3

September 10 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise customers - Roadmap Update

Webcast Summary

Application Design with SAP Analytics Cloud: Overview and Roadmap (SAP User Group) - SAP User Group

Application Design is an important analytical capability integrated into SAP Analytics Cloud that enables professional designers to create centrally governable analytic content ranging from dashboards via guided analytics to sophisticated planning and Smart Predict applications. This session will allow attendees to:

* Understand the overall concept Application Design.

* Learn the new capabilities of Application Design.

* Find out the planned functionalities for the future releases. (Source: SAP User Group)

Source: SAP

By SAP's Jie Deng

Source: SAP

Create analytical apps

Low code analytical environment

Allow professional designers to use scripting, theming capabilities to create interactive, customized dashboards

Supports same data sources as SAC

Integration with BI, Planning and Predictive capabilities

Can be consumed in Digital Boardroom, mobile, and SAP Analytics Hub

Source: SAP

All on one analytics platform

Artifacts can be integrated together

Agile development environment; planning to provide templates / composites

Flexibility with scripting, customize widgets, interactions between widgets

Fully adapt customer requirements with navigation and scripting

Embed capabilities

Reuse aspect - in scripting variables, objects, reuse code part, and rewrite your code

Future - reuse templates, composites, build your own application header and part

Content network - apps in content network - delivered sample content in Analytics Designer (see folder)

Future - will be mobile ready

Source: SAP

New innovations with Analytics Designer

Lumira Designer - continuous improvement features, bug fixes, support packages

Source: SAP

Applications - build apps

Use scripting and eventing in analytical applications

More flexibility

Dedicated dev environment for developers/designers - browser

Drive standardization and reuse

Enable developers to create a reusable part of the application

Extension concept - SDK - create visual widgets

Source: SAP

Integration with planning, predictive, and use OData to integrate with operational system

Source: SAP

These features came in wave 8, end of May

Different widgets - dropdown, filter line, RSS widget, text input, different widgets

Providing pop-up - dialog as a container widget

Provide scripting and eventing capabilities

Scripting is subset of JavaScript

Modernize coding; reuse coding in applications using scripting objects

Support planning - in SAC you can do planning, version management, data action triggers

Developers can build their own planning interfaces

Source: SAP

Provide end user functionality to navigate to smart grouping, without losing business context

Embed web pages, communications in both directions

Source: SAP

OData support to call S/4HANA system

Ability to see why situation and what if to find solution

Combine transactional work and analytical work in a closed loop scenario

Comes with the BI SAC license

Need application creator role in SAC

Source: SAP

Planned for Q3 (subject to change)

Data Analyzer with BW query

Comparable templates (ad hoc templates)

Transient access to BEx Queries

Bookmark support, geo map support

Set position - top right, etc

Q4: custom widgets, dynamic layout, blending, performance, commenting feature (planned)

Future - blending support, lazy loading of data sources (load via scripting), configuration option parallelization of data source


Q: is it possible to migrate from lumira designer to SAC ?

A: currently not planned; Lumira and Analytics Designer - different platforms

Q: are some more blending options planned, f.e. option to perform blending after or before filtering

A: at runtime do the blending - for example, blend BW with CSV

If you want to learn more, please listen to this podcast

Replay of this webcast is here
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