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Fiori Elements List Report is more than just a list. If configured properly it turns into power tool with a number of analytical capabilities. Let me demo some of that capabilities.


Sorting, Grouping and Totals

List report can be configured to group data in number of levels and sort it by certain criteria.

In example below data is grouped by Continent, Airline and Connection and sorted by Booking $ descending. By default all groups are collapsed and user can have high level overview of data with most important data up top.

User can continue analysis drilling down by Airline, Connection

Expanding Connection user can explore data on most granular level e.g Connection Date



List Report selection can be changed typing in filter values or selecting them from search help


Insight to Action Navigation

List Report can provide a big picture as well as more granular analytical details. Insight to Action Navigation completes that analytical taking user from analysis application to transaction application.


Implementation Details

Sorting, Grouping and Totaling


Insight to Action Navigation


Sorting, Grouping and Totaling is defined in UI.PresentationVariant annotation


Filtering is defined UI.SelectionFields and UI.TextArrangement annotations


Insight to Action Navigation is defined in manifest.json and target mapping (if such target mapping does not exist which is the case in my example)

See my blog for more information about target mapping configuration


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