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For reference, see A First Look at SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Edition for Office - Beta 2.0

A Second Look at SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office Beta 2.0 - Sneak Preview

BI on Excel Roadmap - ASUG BusinessObjects Conference Update

The recordings below were made using the Beta Analysis 2.0 software.

The above recording reviews the ability to insert rows.  You can also define styles.  There is a third column on the Display panel called "Properties".

My notes from SAP TechEd Las Vegas:

Swap Axes is now in Analysis Pane - rather than have take up ribbon approach - not everyday that people swap axis

Formats include New Line, table formatting and it allows you to take cross tab and insert line/blank space into table and held there with navigation

In the past if you inserted and refreshed you lost the formatting


This particular functionality is the same.

I also tried going from Analysis Office to Design Studio - it works the same:

If you are interested in learning more, and if you are an ASUG member, join ASUG tomorrow for this upcoming webcast BI on Excel Roadmap

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