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Hi All,

Welcome to one more blog of SAP Lumira. I am working as Project Manager and need to adjust shifts of team members in consensus with my leads.

While working on recent Shift data , idea came to mind that why not use 'SAP Lumira' tool. I had never used this tool before and was not aware of the benefits this tool carry.

Free down load version is what I downloaded immediately and analysis was started.

Before I share the screen shots of analysis I will highlight what was analyzed and how it was useful.

1. Base data was prepared in excel

2. Lumira tool was used

3. Base Data range - Aug 2013 to March 2014

4. Which Associate worked maximum number of hours is visible in graphical summary

5. Which Associate worked least number of hours is visible in graphical summary

6. Lots and Lots of more slice and dice can be done based on requirement and experience

:smile: I am starting with screen shots now which will highlight how base data is analyzed in different ways :smile:

Base Data

Data is uploaded in Excel format in Lumira Tool and here comes the analysis in different chart styles :!:

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