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Hi All,

This is in continuation to blog in which I have explained how we can use SAP Lumira tool for Analysis of data , refer to below link for blog content

Now , I will be sharing few screen shots with steps on how we can bring this data via excel into SAP HANA and then report it within HANA or with help of tools like Crystal reports , WEBI etc.

1. Data of Shift Allowance in Excel

2. Location Data over Excel

3. Age Data over Excel

4. Go to Window - Open Perspective - Other in HANA Studio

5. Click on SAP HANA Modeler

6. Click on Data from Local File

7. Pass on Scheme Name in which Table will be created. Highlighted item reflect details on Schema and Table Name which will be created

8. Select Store Type as Column Store

9. Details of File - Location Data

10 . Tables are created in Schema. Highlighted items reflect the details

11. Creating Package in which Attribute View and Analytical View will be defined

12. Package Definition

13. Create Attribute View for Sales and Location Data which is stored in Tables now in Scheme highlighted in previous screen shot

14. Attribute View Created for Shift Data

15. Attribute View Created for Location Data

16. When Analytical View is created with Age Data in Data Foundation and Shift/Location Data in Logical Join then during activation error is coming which says "Not sufficient privilege"

17. Below SQL command need to be executed on Schema and error will be removed

18. Columns from 3 different flat files are available for reporting. Now we can use this as source and report using WEBI , Crystal reports etc. etc.

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