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Hello Everyone.

The motivation to write this blog came via Data Geek ||| challenge here: DataGenius IV: How to Join

I had heard a lot about SAP Lumira and thought of giving it a try and believe me its simply awesome.

Very easy to understand and you can quickly create visualizations. These different visualization can help anyone in analysing the data and coming out with innovative ideas/solutions/directions/inferences.

After installing SAP Lumira Desktop the next step was to find a topic which i was interested in analysing. Given the options i believe the House of Blacksmiths - Technology motivated me to analyse the data of Geothermal Electricity happening across the world.

I did not want to make some dummy data so for data EARTH POLICY INSTITUTE™ helped me and found Geothermal Electricity report of 2013. It basically analyses.

Below are few of observations from the analysis:

Thanks for read my blog..


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