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This is the continuity part the previous document Analysis Authorization Simplified (Part 1)


The user wants to execute the query but the authorization must get populated for the plant automatically. The user is lazy to enter the values!!

To accommodate his wish, I copied the query 0PUR_C01_Q0001 to ZPUR_C01_Q0001.

To get the authorization filled automatically, we need to create an authorization variable for PLANT InfoObject.

Now make the authorization variable as single value and remove “variable ready for input”.

In this case the authorization variable automatically filled with value 2006.

During moving to PRD system, both the role and the analysis authorization must be transported.

In case the user needs authorization for few more plants, then add those plant values to the Analysis authorization ZBI_PUR and then make the authorization variable as multiple single values.

Hope the document helps in understanding the analysis authorization.

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