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Inspired on post from friend tammy.powlas3  i decided to try to find a good utility for new SAP Lumira tools used for analyse data, lets go to see how it works to process data from excel source. In that link you will find more information about Lumira,

lest go to see how it works within Solman data.

1.- Run SAP Lumira and create a new document data, chossing excel source.

2.- I need to collect some data, but for looking for something different and related to SAP Solution Manager i decided to collect data from Solman Incident management and upload it to SAP Lumira, i download to excel file only 1426 oss sap message.

3.- Once the file is opened with SAP Lumira, if you forgot to create data aggregates inside excel you can do it simply using that option, and on the next step "Show Data" you will be able to start Analyzing information from data source.

Option to auto create metrics
Metrics created

4.- After change Message Number ( a field that hod the row number on excel) to count, you can add indicator to Y axis.

5.- Now the next step is to play with attributes and graphic options to display data.Lest go to see the the average of priority, adding priority attribute to X axis; i just surprise with that, the medium priority is higher than "high"; usually message report always think that his problem is usually a high one, but here we can see that firs level of support is doing well their job verifying the correct priority of each message.

6.- Now i will check from each message grouped by priority, who is the reporter; for that we need just to add a new attribute on X axis, trellis option will allow us to see data on 3 individual rows, and when we move "rep" to "Color de la leyenda" that will generate a right view with data from that field.

7.- Now lets go to group data to analyse information about processing og message in solution manager.

Messages number by product versión: Here SAP Solution Manager message is near to SAP ERP valure (orange), that indicate a good trend for solman.

How is the reporter that has highest number of message confirmed automatically ?

Message number grouped by Reporter excluding confirmed message.

Now Lets got to see a tag cloud grouped by message sap component, excluding "SV-SMG-SUP-TST".

The last one, Showing message filtering only by very high priority message to display with product version are more affected.

My conclusions is that with that tool it's easy to read data, analyse and get a quick view of problems related to data, in that example it's possible to see the load for reporters, the problems related to processing, the impact of each sap component versión, etc... , now it's possible to load data from CSV, Free hand SQL, Excel, SAP Hana and BO Exterprisse.

Anyone know if with the SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition is possible to load data for Lumira using BO Sources ? if that is possible Lumira will be a excellent tools to analyse all Solution Manager Information, not only from crm operations. thinks on analyse technical data from monitoring, bussines process, etc..

I will like to find time to try a more extensive analysis from other sata sources, hope that i can doy before 30 day's trial expire



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