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Dear openSAP,

I'm a developer and a learning enthusiast. I try to utilize free learning opportunities as much as possible because learning is the only sustainable way of progress. You would be pleased to know that I'm among those who were early adopters of this course when it started with "Development on HANA". I've also shared my views with the community and you can find them with some navigation skills on this portal.

I attended SAP TechEd Bangalore this year and could see how much of SAP's road map revolved around SAP Cloud Platform and I couldn't get more excited as I knew what was being talked about. A part of this was because I was regular with the "SAP CP Essentials" course offered by you just during the same time period. Unfortunately, I could not complete the course because I had to plan for my travel and agenda at TechEd. Yesterday, I received an email from you saying, "I've received certificate of participation" and a general statement that to get a record of achievement (ROA) I've to reactivate the course by paying 39 Euros.

Let me tell you that in the geographical location I belong to, one INR (India Rupee) equals 0.013 EUR. It effectively means that the course which was once free with ROA is too costly to get an ROA after a certain time in India. I do respect the fact that learning is still free without ROA. Whenever a discussion on learning comes up in the community, openSAP's name is inevitable.

Other options like SAP training and SAP Press books are already costly to an extent that it takes conscious saving for availing either of these and similar is with the other latest options provided. I would request you to let us know what goes behind to fix the cost of ROA in an openSAP course. Do you consider the world wide community before fixing the price? It would also be great if you could analyze and possibly share the below question:

a) Where are your greatest attendees from? How many of these who could not complete the course on time, get an ROA by buying it? What %age of these are from lower economy?

I would rest my case if you say that many in India pay for an ROA. The point is, I'm not saying to make it free but as you consider different time zones in the course, why can't you also consider the currency conversion factor while fixing the price of reactivation code? Thanks!



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