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Prerequisites : A desire to learn about SAP Web IDE
Target Audience : Beginners and experts alike

Created on : 03.09.0216

NOTE : This is a living document and work in progress. I will iteratively enhance it. Do let me know if you would like any interesting information/links to be covered here.

SAPUI5 Developer Center on SCN :

First point of reference to get most of your SAP Web IDE related information


This will further lead to the following WebIDE topics:

Topics Links
SAP Web IDE - Overview
How to Use the SAP Web IDE Git Client
SAP Web IDE - Quickstart
SAP Web IDE - Advanced
SAP Web IDE - Mobile
SAP Web IDE - Plugins
SAP Web IDE Dev Guide (Local Installation)


Evolution of WebIDE:
Many time you might come across the earlier nomenclature during evolution of current SAP WebIDE. Good to know that the documentation is outdated if you come across App Builder or RDE.

SAP Web IDE Help Documentation

This page also gives you the option to download the Web IDE documentation in PDF format.


Access Web IDE:

SAP Web IDE can be accessed free of charge through a Trial Hana Cloud Platform account for developers or through a charged productive Hana Cloud Platform account. Web IDE can also be installed on a local desktop for trial /  non productive purposes. Also local installation will not automatically be updated regularly like the HCP.
NOTE : The difference between Trial and Productive HCP URLs is only "trial"

Services or Subscriptions:
Its interesting to note that SAP Web IDE is available through the Services section in HCP now in the latest version. Earlier there was a Subscriptions section available parallel to the Services section thorugh which one could access Web IDE. In quite some outdated documentation you might come across Subscriptions.
TIP : The URL to the Web IDE is static so you might like to bookmark it in your browser.
For example the URL of my Trial HCP Web IDE is https://webide-<username>

Learning Center

The Learning Center within SAP Web IDE provides some good pin pointed content.


SAP Web IDE - Personal Edition

SAP Tutorial Navigator

Tutorial Catalog

SAP HANA cloud connector setup for secure on-premise connectivity

Fiori - eBook - How-to Setup a Fiori Tile Using WebIDE - SAP Mobility - SCN Wiki
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