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I think the most and common mistake while building and executing a digital transformation strategy is limiting vision by today's requirements and processes. Of course, the strategy which is being to be built, should cover today's needs, however it will be useless if not sliding easily through future.

So I started to imagine that how the business processes will look like next ten years. What will be in the center of everything? Thanks to bernd.leukert's great posting SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2015: Four Major Takeaways he clears the answer by:

... “digital transformation” means putting the customer at the center of everything we do, providing an individualized, personalized and multi-channel experience. Customers are no longer satisfied with a static, generic experience. As a result, many businesses have to rethink their customer relationship management (CRM) models....

I am totally agree whit this phrase. E-commerce and CRM will be totally different in near future. Consumers will not be happy and satisfied by using mobile devices for shopping. You may notifiy them real-time by push messages or any other methods to alert them to start shopping according to their choices or preferences, however this is really time consuming and boring experience. So what will make them happy?

Smart Butler

I beleive e-commerce and CRM experience will be totally different in next 10 years. There will be smart butlers, these will be small piece of applications, which are connected to e-commerce platforms built in SAP Hybris Yaas. Just create your smart butler for examle in Yaas with your preferences like: your interests, your urgent needs, your budget, your priorities. And release your butler to the web for your shopping needs.For examle boring supermarket shopping can be easily done by them. If you tell your butler that you like suprises, you may receive your new pair of shoes (which you really need and want) in a very hectic workday:)

These butlers are can communicate any device or any item so called IoT to serve you better.

Also on the other hand these butlers and industry class butlers can be used as input for companies for demand planning. Machine to machine, networks and applications can communicate and save time. Please read this eye-openning article by Bernd Leukert Growing the Business with Connected Networks

Today this might be sounds little bit un-real, however SAP Hybris Yaas and SAP HANA technology enabled platforms like helps both developers and customers to realize future world.



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