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Dear all,


Lately there were some buzz around the SideNavigation SDK component in DesignStudio and Lumira Designer. We already have a nice implementation on the SCN SDK community repository. It uses our cross-component shared properties and sophisticated additional properties sheet generation mechanism.

In order to simplify the change process for the sidenavigation, however I decided to strip the shared parts and address the community's requests.

So as of now you have an alternative implementation of the SideNavigation with focus on its individual functions. For example you are now able to reflect navigational changes within your dashboard (e.g. by jumping from charts or swiping pagebooks etc) by using my API method setSelectedItemByKey without clicking the sidenavigation.

Check out my GitHub page for installation hints and further documentation especially regarding the possible configurations.

As usual feel free to leave comments and ask lots of follow up questions.



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