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Hello Comunity 🙂

Today I would like to encourage you into the common development of open source BW program called BW Toolbox. Your support is much needed!


A few times when I was a member of the BW projects, the client has some ABAP program which contains all useful reports. Especially in the case of biggest clients, even developers are restricted to execute ABAP on production or even on quality. Usually, the list contains reports which can be super useful after deployment, like activation of transformation or DSO. I can't even count how much time I spend on searching once again the correct report which can do this on the internet.

Never the less this is not all of the recurring developments. As you know we pretty often use the same, or similar way of development on the client's systems. Probably every one of you at least once in your history was touching transformation based on ABAP OO. Do you remember all the importing and exporting parameters by heart? Because I don't.


I going to say, that there is no reason to reinventing the wheel every time. It will be much easier if we can just copy-paste the "base tools" useful during daily BW work. Unfortunately, I'm not able to discover every useful code and idea, but together we can do it!

During Devtoberfest, I decided to develop "BW Tools" on the Github:

For now, it contains one main report to run useful code:

And also a few interfaces and methods like:

  • start/end/expert routine interface


  • get the end of month

  • check request status

  • check open file authorization

  • remove whitespace

  • remove newline char

Open source spirit

You have to know that I'm not the only author of this. During Devtoberfest a few developers already add their own programs and ideas, which are cool for me. In example unlock users or display BW objects in a classic way, those implementations are awesome.

I just also want to mention that this project does not come into final 5, but got a lot of good notes from SAP Advocates during voting:


How to add your ideas?

  1. Install ABAPGit,

  2. Fork my project,

  3. Do changes,

  4. Create a pull request


I hope that you feel invited to share your ideas with the BW Community across the world and help all of us to save our time and do not reinvent things once again.

I want to thank all devtoberfest organizers and SAP Advocates, especially  sygyzmundovych because thanks to his share on Twitter I fully believed in this 🙂

Best regards and have a nice weekend!
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