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Unfortunately, I didn’t go to this year UI5con (SAPUI5 / OPENUI5 conference), but for sure I want to be there in next year. I observe the whole conference on Twitter, and in this article, I would like to share with You all interesting from #UI5con tag.

I noted: Github projectsslidespresentations and all shared materials.

First thing:

OpenUI5 has a new logo. New Pheonix!

Random slides/information:

Independence of DOM and jQUery + ES6 = ❤

“Build tools and best practices are FINALLY coming for UI5”

  • Debugging UI5 apps is going on a higher level with new UI5 Support Assistan. Check how it works pressing CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P. Try with above link!

“UI5 Support Assistant runs checks for guideline rules on your custom application. Neat!”

  • UI5 fully goes Cloud! UI5 Say bye bye to ABAP Mime Repository.

Even on-premise ABAP stack system, SAPUI5 apps will boot from cloud.

  • CI integration in UI5 projects

GitHub + Travis

Integration tools

  • OData V4

“Most important improvements and features which come with OData V4”

Example of direct interface to CREATE on Data-Binding level

  • VR with UI5 demo

Github projects:

Shared materials

Leave a comment and share if You like it! Thanks. I will update this post if something new will be shared.

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