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Co-Innovation among SAP and its SAP Mentors enables optimization of the ABAP platform for HANA

This is the fifth article in the 2012 informational series called “Meet the SAP Mentors.” SAP Mentors are a super-smart, engaged global cohort of nearly 110 experts in all things SAP – customers, partners, employees, bloggers, consultants, business people and technical wizards nominated by peers in the SAP Community Network and selected by SAP. Every day, SAP Mentors demonstrate their personal and professional commitment to leadership by helping SAP customers and practitioners solve the business and technical challenges that come with achieving better business results via SAP-based solutions. As a byproduct, the SAP Mentor Initiative is enriching the culture of SAP with a more open and collaborative dialog between SAP decision-makers and stakeholders. A shared commitment to dialog, collaboration and customer success helps to make the SAP ecosystem a predictable source of competitive advantage to the world's leading organizations.

A fast-changing economic environment makes it essential for businesses to identify technological breakthroughs more quickly than ever and incorporate them into new solutions.

That is partly why IT professionals in the SAP community believe in the importance of cooperative efforts that make it faster and easier to adopt technology game changers such as SAP HANA.

Recently, SAP’s ABAP platform and solutions marketing teams launched two co-innovation initiatives that demonstrate the value of SAP Mentors to the SAP ecosystem. One initiative seeks to optimize the ABAP stack for HANA, while the other tackles the challenge of code exchange in a modern integrated development environment. The goal they share is to improve the speed and quality of technology innovation and delivery.

Optimizing ABAP for HANA

Andreas Wesselmann is SAP’s chief product owner of the ABAP Platform. He’s also one of the champions of ABAP-centered co-innovation at SAP.

“As an outcome of a ‘Meet the SAP Mentors’ event at SAP TechEd in Madrid, and SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando,” says Wesselmann, “we explored what ABAP on HANA could and should mean.”

Adds Gert Schroeter, senior director of solution marketing at SAP: “We tried to get engaged a little bit more with the mentors [and] SAP Mentors asked us how to get involved into our development projects.”

Video capture image: (L) Gert Shroeter, Senior Director of Solution

Marketing, SAP, and (R) Andreas Wesselmann, Chief Product Owner

of the ABAP Platform.

According to Wesselmann, the use of agile frameworks, such as Scrum, helps to accelerate the development of adaptable, flexible solutions leveraging the ABAP platform for SAP HANA.

“Some developers are engaged in actual projects, such as SAP Mentor thorstenster/blog

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