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Hello All,


I'm going to explain how to implement the Alerts in WebI charts in the blog. This is a work around.


I'm going to use eFashion UNV to demonstrate this with an example.


1) Add a simple query with two result object Year and Sales Revenue to your data set.

2) Create Three variables like below
    Target: =10000000
Above Target
:=If [Sales revenue]>=[Target] Then [Sales revenue]
    Below Target : If [Sales revenue]<[Target] Then [Sales revenue]

3) Insert a stacked column chart and assign data as shown below

    Category axis: [Year]

    Value Axis1 : add three variables [Target] ,[Above Target] and [Below Target]

   Then apply and click on Ok.


4) Now go to Format Chart -> Global -> Region type -> change Target Measure region type to Line (see below Image).



     You need to change column colors under palette and style -> Color Palette to Palette Hue 2 to show it in the required column colors.


5) Finally the Chart looks like below(Alerts are applied)

    If the sales revenue is below 10 millions it shows Red else Green and we can also see the Target line.


That's it you're done.

If you like this post please give 5 rating.


Thanking You All





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