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Hi all

I have an SAP DS 4.2 SP 5 and the client tools for the designer

I have solved my problem with the designer. AL_designer.exe

The application always closed after starting the designer.

I repair the installation. I de- and install the designer again.

Always the same problem.

On the dev server I have two users which can start the designer. Only my User has the problem, the application always closed after starting the designer when I give in my AD credentials for the repository.

I have installed the designer client on my local pc (Windows 10) there is no problem to start the designer on the same repository.

When I connect from the prod system to the CMC on the dev servers dev repository there is no problem to starting the designer.

I opened a ticket on SAP

The other user on the dev server have no problem to connect the designer’s repository.

So here is my solution.

I connect with the other user on the dev system I start regedit and export the path

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BusinessObjects\SAP Data Services Designer] from this user.

On my User I save the registry path delete the path and import the export file from the other user.

So my designer works. And I closet the ticket on SAP.
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