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Devices commands:

List all devices on a system


List all disk devices on a system (See next item for a list of classes)

#lsdev -Cc disk

List all customized (existing) device classes (-P for complete list)

#lsdev -C -r class

Remove hdisk5

#rmdev -dl hdisk5

Get device address of hdisk1

#getconf DISK DEVNAME hdisk1 (or) bootinfo -o hdisk1

Get the size (in MB) of hdisk1

#getconf DISK SIZE /dev/hdisk1 (or) bootinfo -s hdisk1

List all disks belonging to scsi0

#lsdev -Cc disk -p scsi0

Find the slot of a PCI Ethernet adapter

#lsslot -c pci -l ent0

Find the (virtual) location of an Ethernet adapter

#lscfg -l ent1

Find the location codes of all devices in the system


List all MPIO paths for hdisk0

#lspath -l hdisk0

Find the WWN of the fcs0 HBA adapter

#lscfg -vl fcs0 | grep Network

Get statistics and extended information on fcs0

#fcstat fcs0

Error Logging

Error logging is provided through: alog, errlog and syslog.

#alog - boot, console messages, NIM, others

#errlog - hardware, kernel, and some apps

#syslog - Internet dameons, and apps

Display the contents of the boot log

#alog -o -t boot

Display the contents of the console log

alog -o -t console

List all log types that alog knows

#alog -L

Display the contents of the system error log

#errpt (Add -a or -A for varying levels of verbosity)

Clear all errors up until x days ago.

#errclear x

List info on error ID FE2DEE00 (IDENTIFIER column in errpt output)

#errpt -aDj FE2DEE00

Put a \tail" on the error log

#errpt -c

List all errors that happened today

#errpt -s `date +%m%d0000%y`

To list all errors on hdisk0

#errpt -N hdisk0

To list details about the error log

#/usr/lib/errdemon –l

Mount a CD/DVD ROM to /mnt

#mount -rv cdrfs /dev/cd0 /mnt (for a CD)

#mount -v udfs -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt (for a DVD)

Create a VG, LV, and FS, mirror, and create mirrored LV

#mkvg -s 256 -y datavg hdisk1 (PP size is 1/4 Gig)

#mklv -t jfs2log -y dataloglv datavg 1

#logform /dev/dataloglv

#mklv -t jfs2 -y data01lv datavg 8 ! (2 Gig LV)

#crfs -v jfs2 -d data01lv -m /data01 -A yes

#extendvg datavg hdisk2

#mklvcopy dataloglv 2 ! (Note use of mirrorvg in next example)

#mklvcopy data01lv 2

#syncvg -v datavg

#lsvg -l datavg will now list 2 PPs for every LP

#mklv -c 2 -t jfs2 -y data02lv datavg 8 ! (2 Gig LV)

#crfs -v jfs2 -d data02lv -m /data02 -A yes

#mount –a


Memory / Swap_le

List size, summary, and paging activity by paging space

#lsps -a

List summary of all paging space

#lsps -s

List the total amount of physical RAM in system

#lsattr -El sys0 -a realmem

Create a new paging device on rootvg of 64 PPs

#mkps -a -s 64 -n rootvg

Extend the existing paging space by 8 PPs

#chps -s 8 hd6

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