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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,

This article would focus on a new feature offered by SAP in 1909 version of S/4 HANA for AIF and how we can utilize it in our day to day operations specially for any central finance implementation.



AIF (Application interface framework) is key aspect of a central finance implementation project which gives us a dashboard for all the accounting entries posted from various source system (SAP or Non-SAP)

There are various types of message status in AIF framework

  1. In-process

  2. Processed successfully

  3. Processed with warnings

  4. Application errors

  5. Technical errors

  6. Cancelled messages.

The new feature comes for in-process messages where a message could be classified further into various sub-statuses which helps in analysis of any AIF message.

This blog post is focused mainly on a Central finance scenario were AIF messages are triggered from SLT.



The in-process message category in AIF framework has further drill down status now but it is optional for customers to activate.

1809 1909
In-process In-process
Waiting to be processed
Blocked by a predecessor
Error in job processing

In-process ->

You can choose the In-Process sub status to load only those messages that are still under processing, met dump during processing or failure during persisting

Waiting to be processed ->

You can choose the Waiting to be processed sub status to load only those messages that are stored in one background job, which is scheduled but not started running.

Auto-reprocessing ->

You can choose the Auto Reprocessing sub status to load the messages in auto reprocessing status.

Blocked by a predecessor ->

You can choose the Blocked by predecessor sub status to load the messages that cannot be processed as previous messages encountered errors or dumps.

Error in Job-processing ->

You can choose the Error in job processing status to load only those messages that didn't get processed as one predeceasing message in the job queue met dumps or are waiting to be processed in a running job as there are some long-time running messages.



Please follow the below steps to activate the sub-statuses.

  1. /AIF/CUST->System configuration->Configure XML/Structured persistence runtime

/AIF/CUST path

      2. Put the name space and the interface for which sub-status activation is required.


3. The AIF messages are stored in CFIN_AIF_IDX_TBL table for SAP to SAP connections for central finance implementation and CFIN_EX_AIF_IDX for NON SAP to SAP connections for central finance implementation. Once step 1 and 2 are completed new fields will be added which will hold sub-status value of the in-process message.


CFIN_AIF_IDX_TBL new field

4.Open /AIF/ERR t.code and we will be able to see the new options under in-process messages.

/AIF/ERR in-process screen options


The existing in-process AIF message won't reflect the sub-status automatically, once the message is restarted it will update the actual sub-status of the messages.

These are applicable only for XML and STRU processing engines.

I have only shown for AC_DOC & AC_DOC_CHG  interfaces however AC_DOC_EX and other interfaces are also supported.



We have covered a basic overview of the AIF framework and what are the various message statuses available before 1909 and the new message sub-statuses which has been introduced in 1909 for a better end user experience.

We have covered the steps for how to activate this new feature and how it will change the existing AIF monitoring framework options.

Looking forward to your comments and hope this will be helpful to all the readers.


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