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Agile Scrum is a project management methodology which is an iterative process and follows Deploy First and Code later philosophy.

Highlighting Agile Values

  • Individuals and interactions Over process and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

(AgileManifesto, 2001)

SAP Dashboards are now widely in today’s business environment mainly of its intuitive nature and provides real time information sharing environment.

SAP Dashboard development project can become complex without proper business vision. Agile recommends having clear business vision not concentrating on the finer details. Dashboard developers find it difficult what method to follow to successfully deliver a Dashboard.  This article concentrates on Agile Scrum framework i.e customers need may change from time to time and thus this article provide a path for delivering products adapting to customer needs. Scrum blends all development activities into each iteration, adapting to discovered realities at fixed intervals.

Main Characteristics of Agile Scrum

Project progresses in a series of “Sprints”.

  • Typical duration is 2–4 weeks or a calendar month at most
  • A constant duration leads to a better rhythm
  • Product is designed, coded, and tested during the sprint

Requirements are captured in the “Project backlog”.

Scrum gives 3 basic roles

Project Owner

  • Define the features of the product
  • Decide on release date and content
  • Be responsible for the profitability of the product (ROI)
  • Prioritize features according to market value
  • Adjust features and priority every iteration, as needed 
  • Accept or reject work results

Scrum Master

  • Scrum Master is not a Project Manager - Scrum Master is a Facilitator.
  • Removes impediments
  • Ensure that the team is fully functional and productive
  • Enable close cooperation across all roles and functions
  • Shield the team from external interferences


  • Typically 5-9 people
  • Cross-functional:
    • Programmers, testers, user experience designers, etc.

Scrum Meetings


Retrieved from

Click on the above link for more details about these meetings.

Agile Scrum – pictorial representation


Agile Scrum tips for SAP Dashboard development

Project backlog tips

  • Develop a mock up information follow for the project(Just a sketch)
    • Back end information ( Cubes, Queries)
    • Develop a Dashboard Mock UI (Sketch) – Target it to Sprint 1 – Get sign-off
    • Sprint 2 - Develop the back end system required & Start with front end development(Prototype)
      • End of Sprint 2 , we should have full developed back end  & prototype of front-end
    • Sprint 3 – Integrate the front end and back end and deploy the dashboard.

As per my knowledge if the team is self organizing team provided how complex the dashboard requirements are can develop SAP Dashboard in one month!

Yes i agree , agile suits for smaller projects but in my next blog will put my thoughts on Scaling Up agile for larger projects.

Ganesh Shankar

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