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After series of comments with modak.gupta on document The most common Missing Link in Workflow Cutover - Agent Assignment and RHMOVE30 supported with document created by mehreen.dudhwalla and following one of the post of pavan.bhamidipati I have included the steps to make sure whenever we do agent assignment for dialog task it asks you for Customizing request.

Till now we have followed the tradition of Using the Program RHMOVE30 which has very well served the purpose. However I feel instead of running this program every time for all the Dialog tasks  its better to do configuration so that every time you do agent assignment it asks you for Customizing Request.

Please follow the below step :

Step 1 : Go to T-Code OOCR and remove the flag 'X'  of the selected record shown below and save it.

Testing :Now IF you try to do agent assignment for any dialog task it will  ask you for custom TR as shown below.

Knowledge Transfer: If you notice what we have achieved with this is agent assignment creates Lock Indicator for Object Type Standard Task similar to T-Code PP01 as shown below. Go to PP01 and enter details as shown and select Classification/Lock Ind .

On click of Create it will take you to the screen shown below which allows you to make task classification as shown below and on save it asks for TR.

Concept of RHMOVE30 : When you assign agent or make it general for dialog task it makes an entry in HRP1217 table with the flag General_Task Field as 'X' and this record against the Task is transferred  to TR .

Hope the document helps you in making sure that none of your workflows will never go to Agent Assignment problem when ever you transport WFs across Quality & Production systems.

Happy Workflows

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