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This Document explains about handling ADSO  Inbound Table deletion in SAP BW

Author       : Bala.G.Reddy

Company   : Cognizant Technology solutions.

Created on: 8TH Dec 2014.

Author Bio

I am Bala.G.Reddy working as Technology Architect  at Cognizant Technology Solutions, India. I  joined Cognizant Technology Solutions in 2014 and I have extensively worked on multiple SAP BI implementation and support projects.

I would like to discuss on deletion from ADSO Inbound table.

We have standard FM: RSDRD_SEL_DELETION which can be used to delete data from ADSO/DSO’s, Before using this FM we have to create a custom program and have to call the FM, But the challenge we faced during implementation of Inbound table deletion in ADSO following FM RSDRD_SEL_DELETION did not work as expected.

Basically if we observe below screen shot we need to export few parameters as given below not required all parameters.

Our requirement is to delete data from Inbound ADSO table where we used above FM in our custom program and in our custom program we actually passed the fiscal period entries into the internal I_THX_SEL.Below selections we choose and deletion did not work:

But when we check the deletion program the entries from Inbound ADSO were not deleted but standard ADSO is working as expected. Deletion entries are '0'


After analyzing the issue we found that when we use ADSO and wanted to delete Inbound table  we need to pass one more variant in export as given below:



After we use i_force flag then deletion from Inbound DSO went successful.



Any comments welcome.





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