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ADS(Adobe document service)renders the PDF documents using the form templates designed with Adobe LiveCycle Designer and the business data provided by the applications.

More info please refer for product documentation


In this scenario we have SAP Netweaver 7.5 XYZ ABAP system connected to ABC AS JAVA system.In ABC AS JAVA system ADS is installed(Installation can be done through SUM by downloading softwares from maintainence planner or it can also individually installed using SCA)In this environment we are using SUSE linux 12.


Considering ADS is installed on ABC AS JAVA system.It is complete process guide which involves the below steps.

1.Establishing necessary connection in ABC AS JAVA server

2.Establishing necessary connection in XYZ ABAP server

3.Testing the connection(Result)


Step 1- Login to Java server and check if ADS is installed

Go to system information column inside Java server

Once ADS presence is confirmed.Go to below steps.


Step 2-Create user with username of your choice.Here I have used ADSuser to avoid confusion in further configuration.Also make sure you are assigning the user SAP_ADSCALLER and SAP_ADSMONITOR roles

Login to JAVA server->UME->create user

Step 3:Check if both ABAP and AS JAVA server are connected to each other

Maintain the host entries in both the servers.

i.Maintain <IP address ><FQDN>Tab<short hostname> of ABAP into /etc/hosts file of JAVA server and later ping the ABAP server from JAVA server by ping <ABAP server IP>,if it replies then Java server is connected to ABAP.

  1. Maintain <IP address ><FQDN>Tab<short hostname> of JAVA server into /etc/hosts file of ABAP server and later ping the JAVA server from ABAP server by ping <JAVA server IP>,if it replies then ABAP server is connected to JAVA.


Step 4:Create RFC in ABAP server

Go to SM59 and create the RFC in HTTP to external server and save as below

i.In Technical settings Tab in Target host give the FQDN hostname(IP will also work but better to define Fully qualified hostname) of the Java server with service number as the port 5xx00(Check the JAVA link which you use to login to JAVA server)

ii.In Logon and security Tab give the user created in JAVA server in Step 2 and its password and save(If you are not saving password will be as initial)

Step 5-Check the connection test of the created RFC and it should pass as below

Step 6-Create user in ABAP system which should be a system user and have below roles for it.Here we have created ADS_AGENT system user with below roles

Step 7-Create RFC in JAVA server named Create the FP_ICP_DATA_<ABAP SID> rfc

Login into the JAVA server and go to SOA and Destination tab

i.In Connection and transport tab give the name of ABAP server as for

URL:http://fqdn:<portnumber of http from ABAP server>   (For port number of http login to ABAP server ->smicm->check the port number of http)


Client:ABAP server customer client(In which client customer login.We have to give the same)

ii.In logon data tab give user name ADS_AGENT and pwd of user created in ABAP system in Step 6

iii.Save and ping destination(You will get error while you ping destination.Ignore the error)

Ping destination will not work no worries

Step 8-Enable ADS from SLD link

Open SLD link http://host:port/sld/fun (Java server).

ADS will be disabled.We have to enable it automatically as below.

It will ask Administrator password of JAVA server.Click on Next

Select the option Use an existing remote SLD.If your JAVA server is already in use.If use have built new JAVA server select the option Select the new local SLD and give next.

Step 9-Go to the Destination Template management from SOA

i.Create the new template as below.I have used ConfigPort_Document

ii.In general tab give Destination=WSIL,URL=http://<hostname of java server>:5<portnumofjavaserver>00/inspection.wsil

iii.In security and messaging columns check as below

Test the connection

Test 1

Login to the ABAP server and go to


Select the printer LP01 and give print preview.(It is the test document to check if PDF is opening)

Test 2


Without checking destination service

With destination service

Test 3


ADS configuration is finished and test is succssfull!!

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