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In this blog, We are doing Adobe document service configuration in SAP netweaver 7.5


1) SAP Netweaver 7.5 As Java System (ADS should be installed).

2) SAP S4HANA  system

Login on to the portal system.

Create ADSUSER  and assign the SAP_ADSCALLER and SAP_ADSMONITOR in the role tab.

Login to S/4HANA System and enter transaction “sm59” to maintain RFC Connection

enter the user created in portal system. ADSuser

Go to PFCG tcode  and create an empty role named as ADSCALLERS

create a user account in SU01


The user should be system user.

Assign the role




Activate the service in SICF

Now open transaction “sicf” and Service Name as “fp”

Configuring: ADS to ABAP


Go to portal page

Create a new destination with destination name FP_ICF_DATA_<SID> with destination type as HTTP

SID is of S4HANA system

Maintain the connection URL along with port of http service of ABAP System.

Maintain details of ADS_AGENT user details which was created in ABAP System.

Also, open SLD functions with the following URL  http://host:port/sld/fun

click on enable automatically

Also, login to NWA… Select SOA Management -> Technical Configuration -> Destination Template Management.

Click on Security Tab

Select Authentication 'HTTP Authentication' and 'User ID/Password (Basic)'

Select 'Details' and enter the user ADSUser and the corresponding password

click finish

Testing ADS Configuration:


Checking ADS Configuration in an ABAP Environment

1.  Log on to the AS ABAP system.

  1. Start the transaction SA38.

  1. Enter the program name FP_TEST_00.

  1. Choose Program Execute (F8)

  1. Make sure, that the following default values are entered in the respective fields:
    Form: FP_TEST_00
    ADS Connection: ADS or the RFC Destination name specified in your system (if it does not correspond to the default entry)

  1. Choose Program Execute (F8)

  1. Enter the Output Device.

  1. Choose Print Preview.

  1. If the system displays a form containing several lines on two pages, the ADS configuration is correct. Otherwise, perform the
    tests described below.

Checking the ABAP Connection to ADS

  1. Log on to your SAP system.

  2. Start the transaction SA38.

  3. Enter the name of the test report FP_PDF_TEST_00.

  4. Enter the name of the connection. Enter the default name ADS, or, if you have specified another name, the one you are using in your system.

  5. Choose Execute (F8).

  6. If the configuration is correct, the system displays the version number of the Adobe Document Services.


Checking the Destination Service and the ICF Service

  1. Log on to your SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP system.

  2. Call transaction SA38.

  3. Enter the name of the test report

  4. Execute the test without choosing the option With
    Destination Service.

  5. The system renders a test form in the background
    without using the destination service and displays the size of the created PDF.

  6. Execute the test again. Now select the option With
    Destination Service.

  7. If the settings of the destination service are
    correct, the system displays the same message as before (see step 5).


Step 1: TCODE: SA38

now we have to apply the license.

In order to install Reader Right credentials, go to nwa (http://<server>:<port>/nwa).

Go to Configuration --> Infrastructure --> Adobe Document Services

Choose Document Security and then select Credentials.

Click on Add New Object and a pop-up will be opened.

In Alias, Select Reader Rights

Type should be P12.

P12 File should be automatically filled as we have already uploaded the file in previous step.

Enter Password for P12 file.

RESTART the SAP java application server.

Checking ADS is working or not.

Step 1: TCODE: SA38


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