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Sometimes when we need to add a column to a table in the LiveCycle Designer we find the error    «there is insufficient space for the inserted column» Although we have enough space to insert the new column as shown in the following screenshot.


Cause of this problem :

Even after reducing the size of other columns to free up space for the new column, I still get the-out-of-space error. So the problem is not related to a lack of space.

This problem appears only in standard copy forms. When we check the properties of the table, we find that the number of columns is fixed and cannot be modified (in our example we have 2 columns) as shown in the following screenshot.



We can resolve this problem by a simple tip. We have to convert the table to subform as shown in the following screenshot. 


After this conversion, add the texts in the header subforms «HEADEAR_ITEM » and in the body subform « DATA_ITEM » of the converted table «ITEM_DETAIL ».


After adding columns in the subforms, we need to reset the table back to its original state by convert it  to table « convert to table »  as shown in the following screenshot.


After converting to the table, we can see that the column has been added (in this case, three columns).


Conclusion : 

This problem is not caused by a lack of space, as indicated in the error message, but it's related to the number of columns fixed in the standard table.


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