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I was looking for the standard menu bar in Adobe LiveCycle Designer 9.0.1.

Then I found SAP Note1001103 to change a reg key.

For your convenience, copy the below texts a text file each with the extension .reg.

And execute it as admin.

In case the machine is shared among several users, setting HKey local machine make sense.

Have a nice day!



---first .reg file ----start-----------------

  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;SAP Note1001103 recommends this, reenables Adobe LiveCycle Designer Menu bar when called inside SAPGUI

;Standard value was (0x00000001) before

;seems to work for GUI 7.3 as well.




---- first .reg file ----end -----------------------

----second reg file ---start-------------------

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00   

;AD LC reenable classic menue - SAP Note 1001103



--------second .reg file end--------------------

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