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After convert HANA to MCD (MultiTenant) some tasks must to be executed in SLT to connect with MCD Database.

In addition to Note 2101084 please check the SAP Note relevant for your DMIS version from the list below and ensure all corrections are applied to both source and SLT server where indicated in the note.

  • 2016511 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2011 SP7
  • 1958809 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2011 SP6 / DMIS 2010 SP10
  • 1882433 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2011 SP5
  • 1824710 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2011 SP4 / 2010 SP9
  • 1759156 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2011 SP3 / 2010 SP8
  • 1709225 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2010 SP7 / 2011 SP2
  • 2191214 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2011 SP9 & SP10

All corrections are necessary in order for SLT to function as intended. Once all corretions are installed please follow the instructions below:

Now in SLT we create the IUUC_HOST_PORT table as shown below

   1.- Execute the SE11 transaction

   2.- Copy the table name and click on CREATE

   3.- Set the following configuration. At the end save and activate it

   4.- Create a entry from SE16 transaction

The IUCC HOST: Is the value you set in xsengine.ini -> public_urls

You need to add a virtual hostname in xsengine.ini -> public_urls   You can do it from SystemDB or TenantDB, but if SystemDB is used, when saving the value, please select the TenantDB


Execute the following query in the tenanDB to get the internal port used by indexserver:

In my case 41

Save the entry

   5.- Execute LTRC transaction

   6.- Deactivate and Activate the replication

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