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Hi Folks, reason behind to create this document is I struggle lot to get the clear picture on Additional Information parameter and  Component parameter in Source of Navigation Target in Launchpad Designer.

First thing, how to deploy Custom SAPUI5/FIORI app into Fiori Launchpad. We have great and best document created by Babu Ganesh V(listed in sources list in below).As a viewer of this document am not able to provide the information in "Additional Information" parameter. And same as well as "Component" parameter. Why am specially talking about Component parameter in this LPD_CUST role. Actually we can bring the Custom SAPUI5/FIORI app into Fiori Launchpad with out creating an entry in the LPD_CUST. I have tried both, in both ways these two parameters are mandatory without specifying these parameters app will not run through Fiori Launchpad even we cannot save the configuration.

Before going to conclusion i need to brief out on which basis am concluding this solution.

I followed below sources, please go through the sources

How to get your SAP UI 5 apps to work like SAP Fiori Apps in SAP Fiori Launchpad

How To Deploy an SAPUI5 App On Fiori Launchpad

How to Deploy a custom SAPUI5 on Fiori Launchpad

at last when I was struggling with this issue I found one thread(Re: Could not start the app due to an internal error) in our community, after read all these sources I  came to know we need to provide namespace(name of the project) in either "Additional Information" or "Component" parameters. Please find below images for the reference.

Actual Image:

Example Image:

if you see the "Example Image" there I marked my application Namespace.

For example,

your developing one custom SAPUI5/FIORI app, while creating this app definitely we need to provide project name/namespace. Once you created the project open the Component.js file(I hope developed know about this js file) inside the file you can find the code as shown in above images from that code you come to know what exactly you need to provide in the either "Additional Information" or "Component" parameters.

Thank You.......

Best Regards,


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