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We have to install new true type font in SAP if there is a requirement to use non-standard SAP fonts. To install a new font in SAP follow the steps bellow

Tcode SE73

Here I am going to install ‘Calibri’ font in SAP. We can take the font from window font folder.
Calibri has 4 different types as bellow

     Calibri Bold
     Calibri Bold Italic
     Calibri Italic

Therefore create a font family and install all the four font types to in as shown below.
Also make sure that you have selected the Font attribute accordingly.

Calibri Normal installation


Calibri Bold installation

Proceed the same procedure for installing Calibri bold italic and Calibri italic.

Calibri bold italic Installation

Calibri italic installation

Now the font is installed with the different types.


You can verify the installation by following methods

1.  Display font family.

2. For testing, create or Open a smartform style and check the new fort can be used in it.

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