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I remembered that there is one discussion here one month ago regarding to cannot find city in SBO Explorer geography chart

At that time my suggestion is to add one new city in SBO Explorer follow the admin guide from SAP

Now I got same request from my user and I tried to do this in my side

At first, I treat this will be a very simple action. Unfortunately, I spent almost 2 weeks to do this and made a mistake on it

So here I write down this blog to share with you on this process (You also could refer to SAP Explorer Admin guide)

Before you want to do this action, please ensure below three points

1. You have authorization to upload .xml file into your SBO Explorer folder

2. You have authorization to your Explorer Server to get file: name.csv (For the detail file, location, please refer to Admin guide)

3. You have authorization to add command for your SBO Explorer in CMC and restart the Explorer Servers.

if all above answer is yes, let's begin now

Step-1, Create one .xml file which contains the city information you want to add

I have uploaded one example file for you to refer and the format like this


<location id="100" parent="20002126" name="Levallois-Perret" type="OFFICIAL" lang="fra"
exonym="false" transliteration="false" latitude="48.89829696596768" longitude="2.278434634208679" />


* Please be noted that for location id, if you have assigned 100 in your system already, please change it into other value

If not, you will not see this node

Step-2, upload .xml file into the folder in your SBO Explorer (See step2.png)

* Please also pay attention to the folder you use. If your user does not have access to the folder you upload, I think they

might not see the new city in their side

Step-3, add below command in Explorer properpty


*"custom.geo.repository.explorer.file.cuid=" this is only for new added city command. Please use this one

I made mistake on that point

AfCodeKq5GJBkGFd4qFkTeY is the CUID for your file which uploaded in step 2

For adding command, please go to CMC->Application->Explorer->Property

Step-4, restart all your SBO Explorer Servers

In admin guide, SAP suggest only restart Explorer Index and Master servers. I think restart all severs should be ok as well

After you finished above 4 steps, you could upload one excel file to check whether new city has been added

That's all the steps and I have to admit this is not very complex process

At last, thanks for the support from SAP on this

Best regards

Alex yang

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