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We had a requirement to create a CONTRL message Directory version 2, subversion EAN002

To achive this we will have to convert the automatically generated CONTRL message to the right version.

The CONTRL message of type CONTRL:2:2:UN is not included in the standard EANCOM message shipped with SAP B2B Add-on.

Therefore we will need to add new message versions to the Message key SAP-EANCOM, for the Generic Converter Modules to process the messages.

When a  message version does not exists in the B2B message tables you will see an error message like this:

"No ruleset for CONTRL/3 available" or "No ruleset for CONTRL/2 available", where the /2 represent the message version the module is trying to convert.


1. Go the the the Message Editor in the B2B cockpit for EANCOM Messages

  • http://<server>:<port>/b2bic
  • EDI Content Manager ->EANCOM->Editor->Message Editor

2. Create a new control Key

  • Select the control key SAP-EANCOM and version 96A
  • Press "Copy control key"

3.Copy message CONTRL to the new control key

  • Check Copy to a new Message Version
  • Write the version you want create
  • Add the message to be copied to the new key
    • You could add more messages at this stage

  • NOTE: If you wan to modify the message structure do it at this stage. In this scenario we will keep the message as-is.

4. Copy the message version back to the SAP-EANCOM message key

  • Select you new Control Key and Version and press "Copy Control Key"

  • Check copy to exiting control key
    • Select SAP-EANCOM
  • This time keep the message version

5. Copy the message version back to the SAP-EANCOM message  with a new version

  • Same as step 4, bu this time we change the message version

As Result you will have create 2 new message version in the control Key SAP-EANCOM

6. Create the schemas for the new message to import the in ESR.

  • Choose EANCOM->XSD Generator
  • Create the XSD file for the message version you need
    • Make sure you use the correct namespaces to match you SWCV in ESR where you are implementing the Interface and Mapping objects.

  • Now you will be able to convert these EANCOM message version between XML and EDI structures.
  • You will also be able to map the message to between version and make changes to the content
    • E,g Mapping the control message to version D:2:2:EAN002

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