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I have been asked from more than one customer how to have more attributes than the standard in the Development or Configuration tab in the Solution or in Business Blueprint and Configuration objects.This document shows how to enhance transaction SOLAR02 to include a new attribute for a program in the Developments tab. The same configuration steps can be used for other object types which are available in SOLAR01 (Business Blueprint) and SOLMAN_DIRECTORY (Solution).

1.     Go to IMG activity Definition of Customer Attributes for Object Types.

2.     Click New entries to create a new customer attribute.

3.     Select the line of the new attribute and click Attribute properties. Define the table type and field for it. You can use a Z table. Define if the attribute is single-value or if you want to allow multiple values. Also define if the attribute will be visible.

4.     Go to IMG activity Assign Customer Attributes to Objects

5.     Assign the created attribute to the object type you want. If you want to assign the attribute to a program, the general object type for Program is "BMRE" (In Developments tab the program type is PROG, in Configuration tab is the same BMRE). So, assign the new attribute to "BMRE".

6.     You can define the order in which the attribute will appear in case you create more than one. Define also a value check  and input requirement if needed.

7.     Go to SOLAR02 and select a program in the Developments tab for which you want to include the new attribute.

Press the attributes button.

8.     You will see a new tab named "Other attributes". Select a value from the attributes table, you can use the search help for that. Save the attribute assignment and save the project.

9.     In transaction SOLAR_EVAL, you can search for nodes that have objects with this new attribute assigned by selecting the attribute in the extended attribute selection of the Object Attributes selection-screen block.

10. You can also search for nodes in the project structure in transaction SOLAR01/SOLAR02 using the customer attribute as a filter:

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