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Hi  all

i have created a blog

Create Smart Template Project.........SAP WEB IDE

Now in Smart template if we want to add some controls like Data Field,Line item , Data point , presentation Variant etc

we don't need to write code on JS , XML , HTML etc we can add controls by using Annotation file .


open Annotation folder => right click on annotation.xml

here you can open 3 way.

code editor - you to wirte code your self .which can be difficult

so open file by Annotation Modeler after click this u will get

Click on Green icon

here you can chose function what you want add on smart template project.

Example 1 : i want to add on line item  one Action button and one Navigation Button on overview page like this

so to create this select UI.LineItem and click Ok

then click Plus Icon on Line Item you will get

here you have to select controls according to your req.

now i select DatafieldforAction and DatafieldForIntentBasedNavigation

now you will see

Now click 1st one Data filed for Action U will get from Right side u have to fill.den

like this

click on apply Save Project

Run The Project Again

now when i run then project i got my desire output

So it was just a example .

plz do comment for any controls.which you want add on overview Page or List view Page



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