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One of the things that has been coming up more often is SSL communication.  We have been dealing with third party companies and internal departments requiring communication via SSL. 

A couple of things to remember when trying to get SSL working.

  1. Ensure that the SSL certificate you are importing has the full certificate chain contained inside of it.  If it does not you can go to the public CA and import their certificates in order to get the certificate working.
    1. If you get an error similar to the follow in Windows, you need to get the CA Root cert installed before you will be able to use the cert in PI.
  2. For FTPs PI 7.1 can only use Explicit Encryption! You will need to work with your third party vendor to have their FTPs server setup to use Implicit Encryption for your connection.

I put together the below document for our Basis team on adding certificates to PI.

  • Log into NWA
  • Go to Configuration Management -> Security -> Certificates and Keys
  • Select the TrustedCAs, then click import entry.
  • Select the certificate type
  • Browse out to the certificate and click import
    • If the certificate does not have the fully chain in it and it's a public cert, grab a cert for the CA and install it as well
  • Public CA for IndustrySafe
  • Industry safe cert
  • In the below section you can check to see if the certificate was imported successfully.
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