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This blog is part of a series on how to control document changes in Solution Manager. Here, I will describe how to add a new attribute to a solution manager object using the Document Modelling Workbench (transaction DMWB). My truly inspirational fellow SAP Mentor raquel.pereiradacunha wrote a blog on adding custom attributes to objects in projects and solutions, but unfortunately document attributes cannot be created by that method, so some deep-dive into KPro is required!

First, a warning. Incorrectly using the DMWB can seriously effect the health of your system! See notes 436430  - Prerequisites for the Document Modeling Workbench and 350535  - Knowledge Warehouse - Modeling before you begin.

Now, a quick introduction into document handling in Solution Manager, as shown in Figure 1. Whenever we set up a project in solution manager, it always requires a Knowledge Warehouse root key, the KPro context in the namespace /KWCUST/ together with language and release.

Various areas are available in solution manager, specifically IWBASAP for the road map and IWBSOLAR for project documentation. The folders within these areas are known in Solution Manager as Projects. The documents we wish add additional attributes to are known in KW as info objects. Hopefully the information contained therein will be of some value as useful project documentation.

Fig 1: KW components. Source: SAP

In Fig 2 below, I have circled the area for solution documentation in KW, namely IWBSOLAR, and expanded the node hierarchy to expose IO attributes. Right clicking this node allows a new attribute to be created, namely ZRESPONSIBILITY. This is new attribute itself needs some attributes defined.

1. Field name

2. Table name. I have found that the table has to be client dependent.

3. Check property. I use 02 which will provide value help if search help is used with the field.

Fig 2. DMWB IO attribute definition

The next step (Fig. 3) is to add the new IO attribute to the Physical IO class. I've defined the attribute as unique. The More.. option allows for grouping and sorting behaviors to be defined. Although of the attribute is 64 characters, searching is limited to only the first 42 characters.

Fig 3. DMWB Physical IO attribute definition

The end result will look something like Fig. 4 with a new attributes tab for documents, and the field name coming from the data dictionary definition.

Fig 4. A new attribute for documents

What's that? There's nothing there? Ah, I always forget. The buffer needs to be refreshed. Use transaction for contexts SE33 and specify IWB_SOLAR_PROPS. I refresh the buffers globally. In a few minutes the attributes should appear.

Fig 5. A KW Context buffer refresh is required before changes appear.

In the next blog, I describe how to set up a release strategy for documents that have been checked out.
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