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Intend of this blog is to explain document link in Webi using a simple example. Steps Involved

  1. Create a summary report or document

  2. Create a detail report or document

  3. Link summary to detail through a common dimension

Version used: SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.2 Support Package 3 Patch 6, HANA 1.0 SPS 12

Connection used: Managed OLAP Connection with SAP HANA provider
Step 1: Create a sample summary/parent Webi report as shown below

Step 2: Create a sample detail/child Webi report as shown below

A query filter of type prompt is created on Document Number that will be used to establish link

Step 3: In design mode of summary report, select and right click on Document Number column, choose Linking>Add Document Link...

Browse and pick the detail/child report

Query filter(s) created in step 2 automatically gets mapped. The detail report will open in a new window. Tooltip can be added and it will show up when mouse hovers over the column

Link is established

Upon clicking the link the detail report is called in a new window for that document number


Gopinath Natesan

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