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SAP Workflow Management (WM) and SAP Launchpad are two services, which are usually used together in most cases.

SAP WM provides you powerful tools to design and digitize business processes. It is something like engine of the solution.

On the other hand, SAP Launchpad is the single point of access and user interaction. It is the gate, which allows users to control and use processes designed by SAP WM.

The connection point for these two services is Managed Application router. It is part of the SAP Launchpad (besides SAP Workzone see here) and it servers as a content provider for HTML5 apps from current application repository. And when you subscribe to SAP WM service (plan saas-application), it will provide multiple applications, which can be consumed as content through Managed Application router.

One of that useful applications is of course My Inbox. You can see list of all applications on a help page.

My Inbox application is standard and preferred way how to handle user tasks in the workflow.

I have written older version of that process, which uses portal service, but it is mostly deprecated now - except for special cases.




Overall process, how to connect SAP WM applications to SAP Launchpad is described here. But when I first tried to perform it - I ended up at the beginning, because no app was shown in content provider. Long story short - you have to create destination from every service contained in SAP WM (Bus. rules, Workflow, Proc. visibility and WM itself). Otherwise Managed approuter can`t see that applications. To be honest, there is one small sentence in that help page, mentioning that you have to create that destinations, but not in prerequisities or as a part of steps, where I would expect that kind of information.

So what you have to do?

Create destination for Business Rules service, Process Visibility service, Workflow service and Workflow management service.

Once you created that destinations, you should see all applications in the HTML5 menu on subaccount level.

Then go to Instances and Subscriptions and go to application SAP Launchpad

There, you have to select Manage content providers in the left menu and refresh HTML5 Apps provider.

After that your content provide in SAP Launchpad should contain references to all SAP WM applications. So you can add them to your collection. So go to Content manager to the second tab Content Explorer.


There you have to select all applications which you want to add to your launchpad site and click Add to my content button.

And that`s it. You should now have My Inbox in your content and can add it to your site. Just add it to role and group.



You can find this blog post also on my personal blog following the link:
All pictures used in that blog post are taken by myself.
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