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Step 1.     Open the SDK and login into system.

Step 2.     Create New Solution

Step 3.     Fill the details and Press OK.

Step 4.     Now go to Solution explore and "Add New Item" Business Object Extension enter the name and Press "Add" button.

Step 5.     Select the namespace and business object from drop-down list (in our case Account / Customer Business Object ) and press "OK" button.


Step 6.     Add the element in the Business object extension as shown below.

Step 7.     Now go to and create Process Extension Scenario component.

     Step 7.1  Go to Extension -->  Process Extension Scenario enter the meaningful name and press "Add" button.


     Step 7.2  Once you press "Add" button following pop-up comes after set the following setting under the Process Extension scenario and press "OK" button.

             Namespace             - : in our case select BusinessPartner/Global     

             Business Object       - : Customer

             Node                       - : Common 



Step 8.     After click on Save and Active the PES we have created.

Step 9.     Now add the Tag before elements that we have define under the business object extension as shown below with Process Extension Scenario name                   created  previous step (PES_ACC1 in our case)

Step 10.   Now save and reactive again.

Step 11.   Download the Migration Template for Customer form Business Configuration and after open the migration template under the General and Contact                Sheet we can able to see the Extension fields

     Step 11.1.  Here we can see that we can able to see in different sheet because of we have selected 2 check-box in ( Manage Account Contact Information                          and Manage Account General Information  ) when we create the Process Extension Scenario.

     Account à General Sheet

     Account à Contact Sheet

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