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The right hand side of SAP GUI Logon pad after logging into a system is useless unless you put it into some use. Why not add some meaningful image to that section and put it into some use? Its always helpful as an administrator to provide information to the users about the different clients and what its meant for. The image can be anything ranging from company's logo to providing any useful information. The rest is up to you to bring it to best use. So here are the steps to add it:


1. Transaction code - SMW0

2. Select Binary data for WebRFC application

3. Hit Enter

4. Click Execute

5. Click Settings -> Maintain MIME types

6. Click the Create button

7. Fill in :- TYPE : image/gif


8. Click Save

9. Click Back to the Binary data for WebRFC (2 Time Press Back Button).

10. Click Create

11. Fill in :- Obj. name : ZSTART_IMG

Description : SAP IMAGE on the right hand column of the screen

12.  Click Import and specify the file name whereyourGIF file is located.

13. Click on Local Object

14.  Now ZSTART_IMG Shown into SAP Web Repository: Object.

15.  Goto Transaction code SM30


16.  Fill Table/View - SSM_CUST

17.  Click Maintain

18.  Click Continue

19.  Click New Entries

20.  Fill: Name: START_IMAGE

Value: ZSTART_IMG (value must be same as which we created earlier.)

21.  Click on Save Button

22.  Click on Continue Button.

23.  Click on Back Button.

24.  Click on New Entries again.

25.  Fill: Name: RESIZE_IMAGE

Value: NO

26.  Click on Save Button

27.  Click on Back Button

28.  Goto SE01

29.  Release Request.

30.  Goto STMS

31.  Import Request.

Waiting for your comments on how well the space can be put to use.

Best Regards,


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